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    • Guangzhou Jinlu Products Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of "aluminum warehouse logistics equipment.

      R & D Products Co. Ltd. focus on wide Jinlu green aluminum storage logistics equipment; is a professional engaged in design and development, production, maintenance, leasing, terminal recovery, and provide customer service service warehousing logistics equipment company specialized in aluminum.

      The company's main bearing Aluminum Alloy aluminum tray, work bench, aluminum shelves three categories of products; the main products, Aluminum Alloy (aluminum plate, aluminum trays, folding boxes, pallets) aluminum aluminum containers, refrigerated cold chain intelligent insulation temperature box, aluminum aluminum transfer pipeline operation platform, high operating platform, auxiliary operation platform, clothing display rack, aluminum aluminum structure bracket.

      Guangzhou Jinlu Products Co., a long time, adhere to the Aluminum Alloy pipe welding, as the focus of painstaking improved aluminum deep processing, warehousing and logistics equipment dedicated to all staff for customers to create high quality. Now the main service is large food factory, medical equipment factory, large equipment manufacturer and so on. Products not only serve domestic customers, but also export to European and American international markets.

      We advocate green consumption, welcome customers to visit our company, guide and business negotiation.

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    • Guangzhou Jinlu Products Co. Ltd.

      Contact: Mr. Li

      Cell phone: 18928981226

      Fax: 0757-85620456

      Mailbox: gzgjlzp2012@163.com

      Web site: www.jundqx2.com

      Factory address: Foshan Nanhai Lishui Zhen Gang Lian Cun Jin Bang Technology Park building B

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